1. To Enter Into Screen Session Just type “screen”
I am in screen and written simple hello world
detached from screen or move out from screen session
list of screens
screen session with name deepak is created
resuming to screen session or reattaching to screen session with name or pid
remove screen sessions
I have created 5 window in screen byb pressing ctrl+a -c


  1. I am logged In To My Server Using SSH In Two Terminal Both Using Same User Account And Using Same Remote Machine As Shown
TERMINAL 2 script running on terminal 1
pid =4375
we have no process running pid=4375
  1. After login type screen and then run python in screen in terminal 1as shown
script is running in terminal 1 using screen
pid=4540 which is running using screen in terminal 1
4540 still running after closing terminal 1 because we run the script in screen




python developer

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deepak kathuria

deepak kathuria

python developer

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